Benefits & How it Works

WasteTRACK is an internet based tracking system which is available from any web enabled computer.Each time a waste movement is requested by a waste generator, the waste contractor creates a tracking form with a unique number that follows that waste from pickup through to ultimate treatment/disposal.This allows each individual waste movement to be monitored.

WasteTRACK uses the waste contractor (carrier) as the key operator in the tracking process.Before a contractor can begin using WasteTRACK, information regarding the operation is required to be entered into the database so that when a tracking form is being created it can access that information.The information required is;

  1. Waste contractors details

·Company details e.g. name, address, phone number

·Manager’s names and details

·Administration staff names and details

·Vehicle details

·Driver’s details


  1. Treatment plants (disposal sites) are registered in the system. Details include

·Company details e.g. name, address, phone number

·Manager’s names and details

·Administration staff names and details

·Waste categories accepted

·Treatment/disposal methods used


  1. Waste generators can either register themselves or have theirare entered into the system by their can either register themselves or have their nominated waste contractor.  A unique waste generator ID number is then assigned to that generator.Waste generator information includes


·Business/individual name


·Contact person


Once a contractor has had their business registered with WasteTRACK and had their operation information entered by the system administrator, a user name and password are generated allowing them to begin using WasteTRACK to track the waste they carry.Details regarding the waste transported are required to be entered.These include;


·Type of waste e.g. bulk or packaged



·The waste category

·Waste collection e.g. name, location, quantity

·Waste disposal e.g. treatment plant used

The following diagram provides a visual representation of the process

Benefits & How it Works

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