The concept of waste tracking was an initiative of the liquid waste industry.In 2004 the Ministry for the Environment, in partnership with the New Zealand Water and Wastes Association (now Water New Zealand) and the Liquid Waste Contractors Special Interest Group, began scoping the requirements of a waste tracking system for New Zealand. This work included an examination of systems in use in other countries, in particular Australia.The Controlled Waste Tracking System was identified as the most appropriate system for application in New Zealand. The system was developed by the Department of Environment and Conservation in Western Australia and had been in use there for two years.

In May 2005 a trial of a modified version of the tracking system, called WasteTRACK, began.Following the successful trial the Ministry for the Environment and the Department of Environment and Conservation entered into negotiations for a licence agreement to enable the Ministry for the Environment to operate WasteTRACK in perpetuity.In March 2006 the licence agreement was signed and WasteTRACK was officially implemented.

WasteTRACK is administered under contract to the Ministry for the Environment.  WasteTRACK is the system available to all contractors in the waste industry.

What Does it Do?


The objectives of WasteTRACK are;

·To ensure the safe transportation of liquid and hazardous waste to an approved treatment/disposal facility

·To monitor and track liquid and hazardous waste to prevent unauthorised discharge into the environment

·To collate information to assist the central and local government in identifying priority waste management issues at a local and national level

·To provide an even and competitive system for companies in the waste management industry


WasteTRACK has been developed to ensure that it meets these requirements by;

·Requiring waste treatment and disposal locations to be approved prior to being entered into the tracking

·The tracking system allows regulators to monitor the waste transporters which are entered into the system.This reduces regulators time as they can focus on those businesses that are not using WasteTRACK

·The information within WasteTRACK can be extracted via reports to assist with waste management and business planning

·By requiring all contractors to use WasteTRACK and meet the same standard the industry will operate on a level playing field



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